Adult Leagues


League bowling is a lot of fun at JB's on 41, with options for competitive and casual bowlers alike. If this is your first or upteenth time bowling, you're taking a lesson, or you're bowling in a full or short-season, you're always welcome here! We'll help you find the right fit. Our adult leagues lineup features full-seasons for practically every day. Or try one of our new short-seasons. Joining a league doesn't have to be scary. Check out the FAQ or contact a league coordinator if you have additional questions!

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  • League VIP Rewards Club Upgrade: enjoy 10% cash back on open bowling, food, and drinks!
  • Recognition: Get JB's Bucks for individual and team achievements. Earn Hang the House frames, trophies, prizes, an invite to our bowler of the week tournament, and much more
  • Discounts: Save with exclusive open bowling discounts and free shoe rentals during league and practice. Enjoy drink deals, available during and after league play
  • Bonuses: Officers receive $10 bonus rewards/month. Ask about our pre-pay option
  • League Parties: End the season with a roll-off featuring bowling, a meal on us, and prizes awarded


JB's adult leagues are affordable and accommodating, complementing most schedules and skill levels! We recommend attending our fall meeting 1-2 weeks before league to elect a president & treasurer/league, vote on prize fund, and get your Q's answered. See fall league brochure here.

  • Want weekly friend time? Bowl once a week on Wednesdays or Thursdays
  • How about twice a month? Bowl every other week on Fridays, starting Sept 10 at 6:30pm
  • Got kids? Make time for family with our adult/youth league starting Sept 9 at 6pm
  • New to bowling? Consider a short-season option, like Monday Night Football or Have a Ball