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Adult Leagues

Adult leagues and junior leagues may feel a little different as we practice social distancing by bowling every other lane. Masks are required, as mandated by Gov. Evers as of August 1. We want you to feel safe, so we made a BBC Promise to You and a How You Can Help guide.

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League bowling is a lot of fun at JB's on 41, with options for competitive and casual bowlers alike. If this is your first or upteenth time bowling, you're taking a lesson, or you're bowling in a full or short-season, you're always welcome here! We'll help you find the right fit. Our adult leagues fall lineup has full-seasons for practically every day. Or try one of our new short-seasons. Joining a league doesn't have to be scary. Check out the FAQ or contact a league coordinator if you have additional questions!

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Are you a non-serious bowler looking to have fun every week? Introducing the Rum Bucket League! Only those looking for FUN are allowed to join this NEW short-season league. Get excited by inviting your Facebook friends to the event. Starting March 15 at 6pm, you get all this EVERY WEEK for only $20/person each week:

  • Choice of 32 oz. Bacardi Rum Bucket, Domestic Beer, or Soda
  •  3 games of luxury bowling in Suite 41 with shoes
  • Signature homemade pizza to share with your team
  • PLUS top team wins a bowling party and everyone gets a t-shirt.


JB's full-season league bowlers get access to exclusive perks:

  • League Rewards Club: Enjoy 10% $$ back on open bowl, food and drinks!
  • Recognition: Get JB's Bucks for individual and team achievements, an invite to our bowler of the week tournament, trophies, and much more
  • Discounts: Save on open bowling. Get free shoe rentals during league and practice. Enjoy drink deals, available during and after league play
  • Bonuses: Earn Hang the House frames and individual bowling awards
  • League Parties: End the season with a roll-off, a meal on us and prizes
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