Back to School Tips

It’s time to go back to school already. Can you believe it? With a new school year comes new teachers and friends to meet, busier schedules to maintain, and homework struggles to overcome. But this switch from a stress-free summer to a demanding school schedule doesn’t always happen easily… for you or your kids! So take the time now to prepare your family for this busy time. That way, you and your family can survive the back to school time of year.

5 Ideas on How to Smoothly Transition Back to School

Get Enough Sleep

While the kiddos may have been staying up late and sleeping in during the summer, this will not work for the school year. Without enough sleep, kids easily lose concentration and grades may suffer consequently. So make sure your kids get enough sleep. Do this by making them comfortable with a new sleep routine. A week or so before they go back to school set an earlier bedtime and an early morning alarm. Certainly, your kids will be used to the new hours in no time.

Review the Necessities for School

Most kids need some new school supplies, gym shoes, or uniforms or other clothing for the new school year, so schools send out a supply list. (If you haven’t received the back to school list, contact the school’s office now!). You may have already gone shopping for these supplies. Kids need a lot of materials to perform well in school. So sit down with your kids and make sure they have everything on the supply list. Treat them to a folder or notebook customized to their liking – robots, animals, or colors. That way, both you and your kids can feel confident they have everything needed in time for going back to school.

Get Back to Healthy Eating

Grilling before a baseball game. Enjoying ice cream on a hot day. Devouring s’mores around a campfire… These are delicious summer pastimes that need to be put to rest during the school year. Just like getting enough sleep impacts how well your kids perform, so too do food habits help! Eating well gives kids enough energy to use their brain power! That way, solving that really hard math problem or reading a really difficult book is accomplished. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a challenge. Create lunches with color schemes or fun shapes. Try shaking up school lunches with wraps in place of sandwiches. Get those fruits and veggies in with ants on a log (nut butter and raisins on celery) or cinnamon apple chips.

Go for a Test Run or a “Mock” School Day

Especially for kids starting school for the first time, there can be a lot of anxieties. Meeting new teachers and students. Time away from the comfort of home. Homework. Plus, knowing where everything is located in the school can be challenging for new students. To overcome some of these stressors, walk your kiddos through what a school day would typically look like. Get up early, eat a good breakfast and actually drive to the school. If the school’s open, walk around to see the classrooms, cafeteria and library. Similarly, on the first day, everything can be familiar to the new student.

Reward Them with a Fun Activity

A lot of kids don’t want summer to go away and some are nervous about the new school year. You might be, too. Going back to school can be a good time to start a new, fun activity for the family. So come on down to JB’s on 41 and enjoy a game or two of bowling to celebrate the year. Indulge in some tasty treats at the Junction Bar & Grill. Play together in Speed Zone Arcade. Or if you’re interested in joining us at JB’s on a more regular basis, our Fall Bowling Leagues for families begin the first week of September. We’d love to see you together with your family week after week!

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