Kids Birthday Parties

Summer is over. Those long, lazy summer days are now a distant memory. In its place is the crazy, hectic season of Fall, complete with Fall sports, Fall breaks from school, Fall apple and pumpkin picking, and Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Between trips to the football field, volleyball court, pumpkin patch, neighborhood trick or treating, and Grandma’s house, celebrating birthdays can often feel like just another stressor. Another party to plan, another event to attend – it can take all the fun out of anyone’s birthday party. Kids birthday parties should be fun.

Sometimes, even thinking about hosting a party during this crazy time is stressful. Planning a Birthday Party can take a lot of time and preparation. From invitations, decorations, food, and cleanup, the list goes on and on. The whole process can be very stressful for many people. Rather than focusing on spending time celebrating with your loved ones, many easily get caught up with the logistics of hosting a party at home.

Especially with the Holidays right around the corner, many people are already preparing their homes and planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. Rather than taking on too much at once, let JB’s on 41 handle all of your party planning needs.

There are several perks of hosting a bowling birthday party at JB’s. First of all, there is plenty of space. By having a birthday party at JB’s, you won’t feel clustered in your own home and feel the need to downsize your guest list. With our new per person pricing, your child can celebrate with everyone! Kids birthday parties are for 10-20 kids. Don’t worry, adults can come to the party, too, with adult bowling lanes right next to the party, new food choices, and drink options.

Secondly, you won’t need to spend time away from friends and family worrying about meal prep. We’ve got you covered! Our all-new menu features new appetizer platters, including Toasted Pretzels, Fresh Mozzarella, and JB’s Wontons, and kid favorites like pizza and chicken tenders. The kids’ meals are included with the birthday party. Choose from pizza, chicken tenders with fries, or hot dogs with fries for the kids.

Lastly, there is no cleanup involved. Many people are exhausted after hosting their own birthday party. Simply come and enjoy. We’ll take care of the rest. Each kid’s birthday party comes with your own party host to help make your kid’s birthday party one to remember and easy for you.

Don’t forgot the #1 perk of hosting your next birthday party at JB’s on 41 – bowling is the #1 participation activity in the United States! Bowling birthday parties are fun for everyone, from the very young to the very old. Why not have a fun bowling birthday party with us? We have the best parties in town!

Our packages for kids birthday parties are newly updated for even more fun! And, don’t worry – we’ve still got the good stuff like galactic bowling, arcade, birthday food, party hosts, goody bags, gifts for the birthday child, and more.

JB’s will take care of all of the food and fun involved in making your children’s birthday party special. Ready to start planning? Learn more and book your child’s next birthday party here.