Bowling for a Tattoo?

Top Tattoo Wonders of the World

Whether you’re itching for your next tattoo or can’t imagine yourself getting inked, it must be admitted that tattoo art is just that—art.  We’ve conducted our own research and found five of the most amazing dispoays of tattoo craftsmanship worldwide.  You’re in for a treat!   

This tattoo artist operates out of Brooklyn, New York.  Amanda Wachob is known for her painterly style and colorful tattoos.  We’ve never seen any tattoo like this one before.

Chaim Machlev, known as “Dots to Lines” to the rest of the world, is based in Berlin, Germany, and specializes in geometric tattoos.  

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, David Hale possesses a skill at ornamentation that keeps us looking and relooking at his work.  His tattoos are all incredibly detailed.

Ondrash, working in the Czech Republic, specializes in watercolor tattoos.  The effect is captivating.

Sasha Unisex, from St. Petersburg, Russia, doesn’t use any outlines in her work, causing her tattoos to look…not like tattoos at all.

What did you think? Do you agree with our picks?

Here at JB’s on 41, we enjoyed finding these spectacular displays of tattoo craftsmanship, especially because we wanted to provide you with a little inspiration for when you get a tattoo, courtesy of JB’s. 

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Compete in teams of two for the 15 weeks of the league.  We made this a shortened season because we know that, just like with tattoos, it can be tough deciding what to commit to for long periods of time.  We’ve made your bowling decision that much easier—you can spend the extra time deciding on a design for your new tattoo!

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