It's all in the approach. Some say it's the aim. How do you bowl? If you're getting more gutter balls than strikes or looking to practice before joining a league, you're in luck. JB's on 41 hosts bowling lessons throughout the year! These 4-week classes will build your skills. Each lesson combines classroom and practice so within a month, you'll be more confident and maybe even ready to join a short-season club or league.

we call it bowling 2.0

Bowling is a lifetime sport! Anyone can learn to bowl. Get into the game of bowling, whether you're a kid or an adult, with free bowling lessons at JB's on 41. Each lesson is 45-60 minutes long. We schedule Bowling 2.0 sessions throughout the year, with 4 weeks per session.

Next session of 4 weeks of bowling lessons starts soon.

  • Take home a new worksheet every week
  • Learn the language of bowling
  • Watch a video with bowling professionals
  • Get help with a coach and practice right on the lanes
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ready to apply your skills? 

We design short-season leagues to inspire our bowlers of every ability to build skills, have fun, and make friends in a casual, social environment. Unlike full-season leagues, JB's short-season leagues meet for a few weeks. They are often available shortly after Bowling 2.0 lessons! Short-season leagues help transition from learning to weekly bowling. 

  • Short-season leagues start a week or so after Bowling 2.0 and run for 10-15 weeks
  • JB's social leagues or "clubs" are a great intro to sanctioned leagues!
  • Bowlers of all abilities welcome