Candy Egg-travaganza

Easter is only two days away. Are you one of the 87% of parents who buy or create an Easter basket for their children each year? Of that 87%, 83% put candy and chocolate into the baskets…and 81% end up stealing candy from their children.

Between Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate bunnies and a slew of mini-candy bars, it’s no wonder that confectionary sales in the U.S. are projected at $2.26 billion, up 4% from 2013. That 4% increase is likely due to the three extra weeks of marketing, due to the late Easter this year, but, even still, $2.26 billion is a lot of candy.

Even if you’re one of the 78% of Americans who buys Easter candy and shares with family, friends, and colleagues, you’re likely to be consuming a few too many Peeps this weekend. That’s OK—after all, Easter candy is a long-standing tradition, just like coloring eggs and posing with the Easter bunny for pictures. But when the sugar levels threaten to overwhelm, come to JB’s on 41 and find a positive activity to burn off all that energy.

We’re continuing our Spring Break “Red Pin Egg-travaganza” incentive Monday-Thursday 21-27, a perfect time for you to get the kids out of the house during their break from school! You’ll receive a Red Prize Pin in your lane with the purchase of any individual Play All Day purchase, which includes two hours of bowling, shoe rental and a $5 game room card.

Our “Red Pin Egg-travaganza” gives you an opportunity for extra prizes. If a Red Pin appears at the front of the ten pins and you roll a strike, go to the front counter and claim your colored prize egg. Egg prizes include JB’s on 41 game cards, extra game room tickets, pizzas, appetizers, drink options and more.

Have a fun and happy Easter this weekend, and we’ll see you at JB’s for our “Egg-travaganza” next week.

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