Calling All College Students!

College Kids – Take a Break and Hit The Lanes for Deals in January

Calling all Milwaukee college students!

According to several studies, we've heard college students spend a lot of time studying each week. In fact, one study found from late 2011 from the National Survey of Student Engagement of more than 416,000 first year students, the average engineering student spent more than 19 hours a week in the books.

That's a lot of time, especially when that doesn't include class time, eating and sleeping. Milwaukee is a college town, with as many as 15 colleges and universities in our overall area. Not to mention all the college students home for winter break.

So if you're in town, or just looking to take a break from all your studies, we have just the thing! During the month of January, JB's on 41, the newly revamped entertainment and bowling center on South 27th wants you to stop by for our College Students Promotion.

Just flash your current student ID, and you can enjoy drink and food specials each day, and $2 off our two hour bowling sessions, including shoes.

Whether you're a PBA Pro in development or just looking for a fun group outing to celebrate a few more weeks of winter break, come check us out. You won't be disappointed. And honestly, you deserve a fun time at JB's for all your work.

Check us out online at or call 414-281-8200.