Coming Home for the Holidays

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays. It’s true! One of the most wonderful things about this time of year is that it centers around bringing family back together.

Right about now, college students across the country are putting in extra hours prepping for finals. The library is practically a home away from home. Late nights, copious amounts of caffeine, and added stress of passing exams are all things that your son or daughter, children of friends, friends, neighbors, nieces, nephews, and more may be experiencing at the present moment.

Moving away and taking on greater responsibilities as a college student can prove to be a frightening concept. It can be an emotional time for many leaving their family and friends. With so much going on, it can be difficult to make the journey home now and then.

No matter how stressful or how difficult things may be, one reassuring item for a college student is a strong support system. Family matters every step of the way. A huge end of the semester motivator for most students is being able to take a couple of weeks off to enjoy a well-deserved break with family and friends.

Returning home can bring about new joys and fun experiences, as well as old ones, like connecting with friends and family members that you may not have seen in quite a while. Coming home is always a wonderful experience. Home is a place of comfort and relaxation.

Mission Reconnect at JB's on 41 aims to help you and your family stay connected while your loved ones are home for the holidays at last. Grab your old high school buddies, a family member or two, and have a ball this winter break by bowling and reconnecting at JB’s on 41!

Mission: Reconnect is on December 15th from 6-8 pm at JB's on 41! Enjoy 2 hours of galactic bowling with shoe rental, pizza buffet, spin and win prize wheel, and family fun for $10/person. Your loved ones are finally here and celebrate while you can! There are only 50 spots available, and last month's Mission: Reconnect sold out, so call (414) 281-8200 to reserve now!

After Mission: Reconnect, celebrate with family throughout December! Your kids have off of school, so starting December 21, stop in for 2 games of bowling, shoes, and a $5 game room card for $10. We'll also be open on Christmas Eve (noon – 5 pm), Christmas Day (3 pm – 11 pm), New Year's Eve (noon – 1 am, book now here), and New Year's Day (3 pm – 1 am). Check out our holiday specials calendar below or click here for details! From all of us at JB's on 41, have a wonderful holiday season!

12 Days of Christmas Winter Specials 2015