Happy Birthday December

With the hustle and bustle, it is easy to run out of time. December holds some major holidays that take precident and are what we go out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop for.  But what about the 31 minor days that need to be celebrated?

That's right.On each day of December someone is celebrating their birthday. We all have a family member or a friend who's birthday gets thrown in during the holiday because there is just not enough time to celebrate properly. Well you are in luck, becuase here at JB's on 41 that's just what we do! Our trained party staff takes the time needed to set up your party space, take care of the food, arrange the presents and make sure that all the kids have fun with whatever package you choose! 

We have three packages that will fit any child looking to have fun. If you have a pro bowler in your family they will enjoy our Suite 41 Package where all of the kids get to bowl for an hour in our semi-private luxury area. With this package they will enjoy our galactic lights, projection screen TVs and music for all ages!

For the Gamer in your family, our Game Room Package is just for them.  Enjoy an hour of fun and prizes in our huge game room.  All the children get a game room card for 50 minutes of straight game play to run around and get as many tickets as possible. Chlidren with the top three highest amount of tickets get special prizes.  Don't worry, all the children will get a prize simply for playing and celebrating with your birthday child.

Have a child who isn't quite the bowler or the game yet?  Then our Ultimate Package it is! This package is ultimate in more ways then one.  Enjoy the hour of bowling and the hour of game room play, plus time for food cake and presents! That's right- a 3 hour party to make sure that your child gets the most out of their party!.

All of our packages have a party host who is there from beginning and end of your party, table cloths and place settings, 3 homemade pizzas, 3 pitchers or soda or lemonade, game room cards no matter what the package, goody bags for all the kids, and fun for everyone!

All you have to do is call our center.  We will set up your party and have it all ready for you. For the first time in December, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the time to simply have fun!