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The Speed Zone Game Room

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Bring on the fun and games with the Speed Zone Game Room. JB's arcade has something for everyone. No more heavy tokens to play your favorite games. Get an arcade fun card and load it with whatever amount you wish. Any amount! Then simply swipe your card to enjoy the games. The more you load on your card, the bigger the bonus credits! The best part is, you can keep track of your points right on your card so you can come back in again and load your card with more money and points to win the monster prizes!

ready to play?

The Speed Zone is packed with 40+ games for kids and adults. Gamers welcome!

  • Race with up to 4 players on Cruis'n Blast or duke it out with classics like Skee-ball and air hockey
  • Retro meets modern with huge Space Invaders Frenzy
  • State-of-the-art digital games like Deal or No Deal, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead populate The Speed Zone 
  • Will you win an MP3 player from one of our many claw machines?
  • The latest and greatest games like Ticket Time and Crossy Road are always arriving, so stop in and play your favorites today
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No more heavy tokens

Grab a card, load, and reload. We don't mess around with quarters or coins. Your personal Speed Zone arcade fun card keeps track of your tickets and credits!

  • $5 gets 25 credits
  • $10 gets 10 BONUS CREDITS for 60 total credits 
  • $20 gets 25 ​BONUS CREDITS for 125 total credits
  • $25 gets 50 BONUS CREDITS for 175 total credits
  • $50 gets 125 BONUS CREDITS for 375 total credits


Keep the fun going with awesome arcade offers, exclusive to JB's Speed Zone!

  • Power up with unlimited arcade play on rainbow swiper games! 60 minutes is $8/person every day we're open!
  • Grab an arcade, bowling, and pizza deal on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Enjoy 90 minutes of rainbow swiper games for $8/person on Wednesdays
Arcade Credits Bonus | Unlimited Arcade | JBs on 41 | Milwaukee
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Your arcade fun card keeps track of your credits to play arcade games and your tickets for prizes! See how many tickets you've earned at a kiosk or with our team.

  • Win themed prizes like Pokemon or Marvel characters
  • Supplement your Man Cave with darts or neon signs
  • Save up for the big prizes or select from our smaller options
  • Enjoy knickknacks and candy to bring the kid out of everyone
  • Get a gadget on a crane game or earn a giant stuffed animal


We're here to help you have fun in a safe place! And if you're a gamer or just looking to win a cool souvenir from your visit, we got you covered. We developed a BBC Promise to You & How You Can Help Guide, including the following guidelines for the game room. See our guidelines in action with this video.

  • Don't forget to wear your mask, as mandated by Gov. Evers as of Aug 1
  • Wear provided gloves while playing + use sanitizer after you're done playing
  • Maintain social distancing - that means, we may turn off some games temporarily
  • Ask us for help! We've been trained on best practices

Have your own adventure with Jurassic Park at the Speed Zone!