Grad Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again… graduation time! Do you have a kiddo who is graduating this year? Whether it’s from preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, or college? Even if you don’t, we’re completely positive that you know someone who is! If you’re throwing a grad party this year, keep on reading.

Here’s a handful of “extras” – ways to make the graduation day celebration completely spectacular. We know you’ll make this the best grad party with help from our top 10 list!

Top 10 Grad Party Ideas

1. Set out a tray of ring pops as “class rings” for all ages. So many different jewels/flavors to choose from!
2. Set up a DIY photo booth. Use a Polaroid camera for instant results.
3. Print off high school superlatives like “Best Hair,” “Most likely to run for president,” “Best Eyes,” and the like. Attach them to sticks and use them as props in the photo booth.
4. Serve “diploma cookies” – Pirouette cookies with a red ribbon tied around them.
5. Stick with the diploma theme, but apply it to the cutlery instead. Wrap napkin and a ribbon around the silverware to turn it into a diploma.
6. Fill a kiddie pool with ice as a simple, yet effective cooler.
7. Make a guest “book” by having attendees write their name and piece of advice for the graduate on Jenga blocks.
8. Set up a table to honor the grad. Fill it with pictures and accomplishments from his or her years at school.
9. Place chalkboards throughout the venue and write inspirational quotes on them.
10. Pick a venue that allows you to customize the party, but still takes care of the little details and relieves the headache that inevitably accompanies planning a party.

That last grad party tip, #10, is easy to achieve with a party at JB’s on 41. JB’s offers graduation parties both inside and outside. You could have a party on the volleyball courts, on the bowling lanes, in the arcade, in the bar, at the restaurant…wherever you’d like! As with all our parties, when you book, one of our party experts to help you plan the big event. From start to finish, the details (and clean up!) are taken care of, and you can focus on the one thing that matters – celebrating the graduation! For more information on parties at JB’s on 41, click here or call (414) 281-8200 to set up your grad party!