Historic S. 27th Street

Have you heard of historic South 27th Street? You’ve probably been introduced and just don’t even know it yet…

First, watch this video and see if you notice anything familiar.

Did you notice where the video ends? Right here at JB’s on 41! That’s right, if you’ve been to JB’s on 41, you’ve been to the historic South 27th Street, also known as Highway 41.

US Highway 41 runs all the way from Miami, Florida to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It winds its way through the Everglades of Florida, into Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and finally Wisconsin. US Highway 41 enters Wisconsin and runs north and south along the eastern edge of the state, from Pleasant Prairie in the south to Marinette in the north. The area we’re focused on today, though, is the South 27th Street section of historic Highway 41.

South 27th Street, specifically the area between Oklahoma and College Avenues, features over 400 businesses with that 4-mile stretch. JB’s on 41 is just one of them! South 27th Street is one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s most vibrant and lively streets, home to a wide variety of different businesses, like restaurants, hotels, banks, auto dealerships, retailers, movie theatres, family-owned businesses, and more. Both Milwaukee and Greenfield (since the corridor runs through both) have committed to enhancing this historic area, growing it so that future generations can enjoy the many delights of the area as the generations before it have done.

JB’s on 41 is also committed to enhancing this area we’re proud to call home, and we’re doing it by building a sense of community – and competition – between all the South 27th Street businesses.

Introducing…the 27th Street Royal Bowling League!

Beginning on Thursday, February 4th, businesses from South 27th Street are invited to join in the fun with 8 weeks of bowling competition. Each team is 3 co-workers, and we’ll start at 7 pm each Tuesday. Each week, it’ll cost $30/team. That’s only $10 a person!

What’s at stake? Besides the customary bragging rights, you’ll be playing for a giant trophy at the end of the season!

There’s more, too. We’ll be throwing a huge pizza party at the end of the league for all teams, win or lose. Plus, just for signing up as a team, you’ll get a 20-person bowling party!

So, ready to sign up? Call 414-281-8200 and we’ll get you and your team ready to go!