Holiday Party Ideas

Take a break from holiday shopping and think about planning a holiday party or hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration. De-stress as you gather around your family and friends. Spending quality time with your loved ones is a simple, easy, and memorable way to celebrate the holidays.

It’s a busy time of year, but don’t let it stress you out! Stick to your family traditions and consider a holiday party as a way to make memories. Let’s roll into how to best handle the holiday season.

Remember the Importance of the Holidays

Did you know that the more quality time you spend with family, the better chance you have at sharing quality experiences? A holiday party or gathering is the perfect way to take a break from gifting and instead focus on building and maintaining strong relationships.

A holiday party is the perfect outlet for quality time. Planning for the gathering can also be utilized for quality time! While planning your event, bake cookies and pastries with your friends or family. Listen to holiday music as you make the seasonal treats. Watch Christmas or other holiday classics together to help give inspiration for the event.

Holiday Party Tips

Getting out of the house is one way to relax this season. Go get coffee with a friend, see a movie, or maybe go for a walk as you look at holiday lights shining bright. With fresh snowfall, you can take the family out for tubing or ice skating. JB’s on 41 is a family-oriented and community-driven center. That’s why we think choosing to volunteer would be a special way to give back this holiday season. Helping others will not only make you feel great but also de-stress you as well.

Keep your days light and fun during the holidays and remember the importance of the season. Looking for a more unique way? Host a holiday party! Tailor it to your needs and watch the memories form in front of you. Add bowling into your holiday festivities and plan a holiday party at JB’s on 41! The perfect venue for a stress-free entertainment.

Holiday shopping and planning shouldn’t keep you away from your daily routine. Make sure to include time in your busy schedule to do what makes you happy. The dedicated staff at JB’s make it a mission to provide happy, genuine, and professional customer service everyday. Come visit us this holiday season! Bowl, eat, play games, or host that holiday party with us. We’re open during the holidays!

Celebrate Your Favorite Family Traditions

Does your family have unique traditions that you celebrate around the holidays? Game nights, baking, light festivals, and gift giving are common examples.

Here at JB’s, we have our own unique twists on some popular holiday traditions. One exciting tradition at the center is that we’re open both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here’s a link to our seasonal specials. We like to be open to allow families to gather in a memorable setting over the holidays. Walk in to bowl or book a holiday party. We offer family glow bowl by the hour over the holiday season. Our Elf on the Shelf is a new contest we’re running this year. Guests get a chance to win a $50 gift card when they post a picture of JB’s elf with #jinglebowl. Great ways we like to spread Christmas cheer with your friends on social media! Check out our Facebook page for hints on our elf’s latest adventures and hiding places.

‘Tis The Season at JB’s on 41

Here at JB’s, we want to help you celebrate the holiday season. This time of year shouldn’t be stressful. With our planning guide and dedicated staff, you can throw the holiday party of the year! Our unique environment offers a welcoming space for your family and friends to gather for quality time and create great memories. Come experience a fun group of staff, a fresh and new menu, and our semi-private Luxury Suite 41 Lounge.

Planning a holiday party with us is a breeze! Do less and enjoy more. Customize your party to fit your needs and wants. Include relationship building games, choose selections from our upscale menu, and enjoy galactic bowling in our Luxury Suite 41 Lounge. Smiles and laughter are guaranteed at JB’s on 41!

With different holidays back-to-back, don’t miss out on booking a New Year’s Eve or holiday party with us. JB’s is Milwaukee’s premier party place!

Book online for our NYE package. Everything will be set up for you! Receive 2 hours of bowling in the luxury Suite 41 lounge with shoe rentals for up to 6 people, your choice of champagne or cider, a fresh baked single-topping pizza, and party favors.

For a holiday party, book with a dedicated staff member and tailor the party to your group’s specific needs. You will dive into our event planning guide and select upscale add-ons to make your party truly memorable. Come celebrate the season with friends, family, and coworkers!

Contact our event coordinator today and ask about seasonal pricing! Call (414) 858-8104 to start planning the ultimate gathering. Build and maintain those relationships with a tailored holiday party at JB’s on 41. Whether it’s for the holidays or New Year’s, we got you covered. Do less and enjoy more with us!