Let’s Talk Lent!

Watch out! Lent Begins March 5!

It’s always surprising how much the date for Easter changes each year.  One year, we’re hunting for Easter eggs in the snows of March, and the next, we’re foraging through the green grass of late April.

For those of you, like us at JB’s on 41, who can’t keep track of your own schedule, let alone Easter’s, here’s your reminder for this year: March 5th marks the beginning of Lent. 

Meaning, March 4th is traditionally your last day to enjoy red meat, chocolate, caffeine, sugar, pizza, or whatever else you’d like to give up for 40 days. Go out and enjoy your King Cakes and paczkis, and, once March 5th rolls around, we’ll have you covered.

Starting on March 5th, JB’s on 41 is proud to again offer our yearly Fish Fry.  Come out to JB’s on Friday: every Friday from March 5th to Easter, we’re offering our Lent Special! Indulge in battered and deep-fried cod (our mouths are watering just thinking about it) prepared in our own kitchen. For $9.99 you’ll receive four pieces of fish, fries and sides of coleslaw and tartar sauce.

With food this good, you’ll forget what exactly you’re giving up for 40 days.

Who needs steak anyway?