Live Music featuring Superlow

JB’s on 41 sat down with guitar player Jay Christensen of the Milwaukee-based cover band Superlow for a Q and A session before their live music concert in our bar. Read on to find out why he loves Milwaukee, his favorite venue to play, and just where the name Superlow came from.

Superlow will be playing live music at JB’s on Saturday, April 16 at 9:30 pm.

JB’s on 41: Tell me about Superlow.
Jay Christensen: We are a cover band from South Milwaukee that performs in Cudahy and many other cities around the area. ZZ top, Tom Petty, Weezer, Ozzy Osbourne are some of our favorites to play, and we like to always keep learning new songs.

JB’s: Introduce us – who are the members of Superlow?
JC: Well, Jay, Chris, Randy, Jeremy, Greg are all five of us. We started Superlow back in ‘04 with this same group and took a little break after a while. Now we are back playing as the same group of 5.

JB’s: And where does the name “Superlow” come from?
JC: [Laughing] We wanted something with the name “super” in it. At first we settled on “superloud”, but we thought that might come across too loud. So then we went to “newlow” as an option. In the end, we still wanted “super” to be a part of it, so “superlow” was it.

JB’s: Tell me about you. How did you become a guitarist?
JC: I’ve always been a drummer, actually. All 5 guys can play each instrument, but we picked one that we are best at for the band. It is nice to have all five of us be able to cover and add to the music though.

JB’s: Who is a personal inspiration of yours?
JC: Rush is my favorite band. We don’t usually play Rush songs because the vocals are so high [laughing]. I also really like Led Zepellin, ACDC, and 70’s/80’s rock in general.

JB’s: What’s your favorite song to play?
JC: Oh that’s a hard one. Lately, I am really enjoying songs “Bye Bye Love” by the Cars. Oh, and ACDC’s “Rocking Rolling Noise Pollution” is a new song we just put in that has been a band favorite lately. The favorite songs come and go because once you play one for so long, you have to switch it up.

JB’s: How many songs do you perform in a night?
JC: Last time we played, we got through all 45 of our songs. It really depends on the night and flow of the show. We try to take breaks, but we also like to play as much as possible for the fans that come out.

JB’s: Where are your favorite venues to perform?
JC: We love playing at the Taproom. They have many different beers on tap and we play there about once every 2-3 months. The fans always come out and have a great time.

JB’s: And, after this weekend, where can we find you next?
JC: We will play the Taproom on June 11th, actually. That’s our next show for the summer.

JB’s: Last question: what is your favorite part about Milwaukee?
JC: I really enjoy the people. People are never afraid to get up and dance. We give the cowbell to a fan usually and it makes for a great time. Some people are not very good at it, which sometimes makes for a funny scene. Either way, the people make our shows what they are.

See Jay and the rest of the band in action playing your live music favorites on Saturday, April 16 at 9:30 pm at JB’s on 41. Visit Superlow’s Facebook here. Check out JB’s on 41’s Facebook page here. What live music would you like to see perform at JB’s on 41? Let us know in the comments!