6 More Weeks of Fun!

Do you know what happened on February 2, 1887? The first Groundhog Day! For over 100 years, America has been anxiously waiting for Punxsutawney Phil’s assessment of the length of winter. This year, Phil predicted another six more weeks of winter, and he seems to correct so far, if this week’s weather serves as any indication.

But why Punxsutawney Phil? That’s where the first American celebration of Groundhog Day took place, at a place called Gobbler’s Knob in the town. The celebration, however, has its roots in Germany. On Candlemas Day, clergy would bless and distribute the candles needed for winter – the more candles, the longer and colder the winter. The Germans looked to the hedgehog as another means of prediction. If the hedgehog saw its shadow, six more weeks of winter were expected.

When German settlers in Pennsylvania continued the tradition, they found groundhogs, or woodchucks, more available, so they revised the practice with a different animal. Groundhogs go into hibernation in the late fall, but in February, males come out from their hibernation to look for a mate before resurfacing for good in March.

In 1887, a newspaper editor in Punxsutawney declared Phil, the local groundhog, to be America’s only true rodent meteorologist. Since then, Phil has been America’s most famous groundhog, though many other towns across the country have their own groundhog, like Jimmy, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Though groundhogs technically emerge from hibernation to look for a mate, not for weather forecasting, Punxsutawney Phil has been pretty consistent with his forecasts. Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter 102 times and predicted an early spring just 17 times. Will Phil’s prediction prove right this year, or is spring really just around the corner?

Whatever the weather, we’ll be here. JB’s on 41 has plenty of events planned for you all winter long, and that’s on top of the open bowling, Galactic bowling, Game Room and more! For instance, our pre-Valentine Date Night on February 12 is always a hit. Couples have so much fun that they don’t remember the blustery, cold weather outside.

Learn more about the JB’s on 41 Valentine Date night here.

We have much more planned to get you through this year’s Wisconsin winter, so keep checking back at www.jbson41.com for the latest and greatest. We’ll see you on the lanes!