New Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Having the extended family over for Thanksgiving seems like a good idea…until they’re at your door.  Between the cousins running and screaming all over the house, your sister-in-law’s whining lap dog, and your mom’s constant recipe reminders, you may have trouble remembering why you signed yourself up for the chaos.  

Luckily for you, there is a solution!  Come to JB’s on 41 this Thanksgiving holiday.  You’ll get everyone out of the house and have fun while you’re doing it.  And on top of those benefits, JB’s offers additional incentives for bowlers this Thanksgiving.

Come to JB’s on Wednesday, November 27th for a Bar Party—open until 1:30 am!  Take advantage of the Bacardi promotions and step up to karaoke after wetting your whistle.

If the bar scene isn’t your thing, come Galactic Bowling instead! Galactic Bowling start at 9:30 pm on the 27th and doesn’t stop until close of Thanksgiving.  We’re open until 1:30 am on Wednesday the 27th, and open again at 3 pm on Thursday.

THAT'S RIGHT! We’re open on Thanksgiving!  Bring your family in at 3 pm on Thursday for

All Day Family Galactic Bowling.

We’re open on Black Friday, too!  “Shop ‘til you drop” and then come to JB’s for

Half-Off Bowling from noon – 5 pm!

When the dog starts barking and the kids start screaming, come to JB’s.  The cousins will have a great time together—and so will you.