New Menu at the Junction Bar & Grill

Bowling and eating seem to go hand-in-hand now, and we’ve definitely taken notice of all the foods and drinks our guests crave. That is one of the main reasons we’ve just launched our new menu filled with homemade items and fresh ingredients! From the freshly made aioli or BBQ sauces to the incredible pizzas, it’s all created, prepared, and cooked with love at JB’s on 41! You won’t find another bowling center that has quite seamlessly combined a scrumptious menu with an enjoyable entertainment experience quite like JB’s on 41.

Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got all the Wisconsin favorites at incredible prices. From signature selections like savory bread pudding and French dip sandwiches and bar bites like tasty tacos every Tuesday and pretzels to vegetarian items like a portabella burger and margarita pizza, we’ve got you covered! Our guacamole is gluten-free and has just the right kick. Those with dietary restrictions will enjoy our delicious food!

We like to think we know kids, and while there might be some picky eaters in your party, try JB’s. Enjoy some of our new desserts, meals prepared especially for kids, or our fresh vegetable oven-roasted salsa made daily. We’re certain you’ll be able to please anyone. This is no ordinary bowling center food! All items are truly unique and original to JB’s in-center restaurant, The Junction Bar and Grill. For the complete new menu, please click here.

If you’ve now taken a look at the new menu, you’ll notice that most items also include a suggested beer pairing. We’re in Wisconsin, and we wanted to honor our state’s commitment to beer, like no other in the U.S. So if you’re 21 years of age or older and are thinking about indulging in our haystack onions—which we highly recommend— we’ve already found the perfect beverage to pair with your snack—Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss.

Whatever item on the menu you select, we’ve got a suggestion for you! To get a better idea of these pairings, read on. See just how much thought and effort went into creating a homemade meal for you and your family and friends. We sat down with Adam Hug—general manager at JB’s on 41—for a quick Q & A about his favorite items and the reasons for the updated menu.

Why did JB’s on 41 decide to update the Junction’s menu?

AH: We decided to update the menu at JB’s on 41 to take the next step in making Junction Bar and Grill a destination restaurant. With the new menu items, we have offered our guests a unique food and beverage experience at our center that I believe they will not be able to find anywhere else.

How is the food prepared?

AH: The food in our kitchen is prepared fresh daily. As we continue to develop and hone our skills as a team, our recipe book has grown enormously. Everything that we send out of the kitchen is made from scratch by our skilled culinary team—even the bleu cheese dressing! In addition, we receive fresh produce orders five times a week!

How do the beer pairings work? Which is your favorite?

AH: The beer pairings listed on the menu really come from my passion for beer. I have been trained and certified as a cicerone beer server. That means I have been trained on how beer is made, the different styles of beer from different regions, and how particular beer flavors relate to a particular food’s signature taste. When we created the new menu, I spent significant time playing around with the new menu items and how the beer would work in harmony.

I am confident that if one would follow my pairing advice in the menu, they would not be disappointed. That said, my favorite combo on our menu is the French Dip sandwich paired with Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter.

What’s your favorite item from the new menu?

AH: As a standalone item, I really like our homemade Bread Pudding. The flavors that hit your taste buds are just incredible—especially from the Irish whiskey cream sauce that is drizzled over the top.

What do you recommend for first-time visitors to the Junction Bar and Grill?

AH: To our first-time visitors I always recommend our pizzas. Whatever you like, we build to order. Our signature pizzas are nothing to forget about either! There’s something very special about our pizza sauce. I just can’t put my finger on it yet! As we’ve heard over and over: we have the best pizza pie in town.

Now that you know what all the hype is about, we hope you’ll stop by to experience the new menu for yourself! Kitchen hours are: Sunday noon-9:00pm, Monday-Thursday noon-10:00pm, and Friday-Saturday noon-11:30pm. So get a group together and come try our wonderful homemade creations!

RSVP for Craft Beer Tasting Event on August 20

And if that isn’t enough incentive to stop on by, JB’s on 41 also has an upcoming beer tasting event on August 20. Though it includes items not from our menu, the event highlights our new wide variety of craft beers. It also includes a voucher for one free hour of Suite 41 bowling.

This one night only event is a steal at only $35/person, so if you’re interested (and are 21 years of age or older, of course), be sure to sign up here. There are limited spots, so sign up before it is too late, and we hope to see you soon!

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