Put Away the Bumpers with Bowling Lessons!

Learning can be a very frustrating process. Like a child learning to ride a bike, we often must fall down a few times before we get the hang of things. Even when we fall, we try again. We have the desire to improve on many aspects of life. From first steps, to riding a bike, to trying so many new things for the first time, we are continuously diving into new and riveting experiences. Remember: we are all beginners at one point. With practice, hard work, and dedication, we have the opportunity to grow in a variety of ways.

The time has come to put away the bumpers and improve your bowling skills. Grab a ball and brace yourselves for more strikes, spares, and turkeys. There’s something special about learning how to bowl. It’s not simply throwing a ball, hoping for the best and minimal gutters. There are many techniques to learn, and we at JB’s on 41 want to show you how!

If you’ve always wanted to bowl, but never had time, we’ve crafted the perfect solution for you. You can brush up on your skills in a fun and convenient way by taking a Bowling 2.0 course! 4 weeks of FREE Bowling 2.0 classes start Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30 pm.

Perhaps you’ve seen classes like these at JB’s before? You’re right! JB's has done Bowling 2.0 lessons in 4-week cycles since early spring. There is approximately one class every month. Each class is taught by a certified coach. Except, this time, our cycle of free bowling lessons are now on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. Mark your calendars accordingly!

What can you expect from Bowling 2.0 at JB’s on 41? Each lesson combines classroom, videos, and practice time on the lanes. We can all use a little more practice here and there. NOW is your chance to become a master bowler. Impress your friends and family with your newfound skills. Don’t be afraid to show them off by joining a league!

There is limited availability for this session of Tuesday Bowling 2.0 classes, so be sure to call us at 414-281-8200 to sign up today! We’ll see you on the lanes.

Bowling 2.0 Oct 2015 Flyer