Re-Purpose Pins for Halloween Crafts

BOO! Let’s talk reduce, reuse, recycle and how to get crafty.

It’s important to look for ways in our day-to-day life to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Often, we create waste without knowing that it could have been recycled or reused. In addition, there are cases where we may know that things need to be recycled, but we may not know how.

Ever heard of upcycling? Let us inform you! Upcycling was used back in the Great Depression to re-purpose items out of necessity during that time. Upcycling can take something old and ugly and turn it into something new and beautiful. Otherwise, perfectly good equipment will just be thrown out. Avoid this unnecessary waste and get crafty.

It’s almost time for Halloween and what better way to prepare than by getting crafty! Let’s give life to old bowling pins with Halloween crafts and ideas. Bowling pins need costumes too, right? Next time you’re at your local thrift shop, grab some bowling pins dusting away on the shelf and give them a new unique purpose. Read on for some DIY Costumes for Old Bowling Pins! After reading, you’ll see this is just some of the possibilities for Halloween crafts – and we’d love to see your favorites!

How to Make a Bowling Pin Ghost

Ghosts are invisible, but the supplies needed for this idea are cheap and easy to find at your local store! For this craft, you will need just a few pieces of white tissue paper (or even an old white towel or rag), a rubber band, and a black marker. Start by taking the tissue paper and placing it over the crown of the pin. Next, take the rubber band and place it around the tissue paper at the neck of the pin. Lastly, take a black marker to give your ghost some eyes!

DIY Bowling Pin Mummy

Mummies have been around for a long time which makes this craft an easy one! Simply grab some masking tape and tape up your pin until the entire surface is covered. Next, take a marker, paint, or stickers and put some spooky eyes on your new mummy!

Bowling Pin Jack O Lantern Craft

Pumpkins are all shapes and sizes which makes this costume the best for creativity! Take a bowling pin and paint the neck and crown green and the belly and base orange. The rest is up to you! Draw your favorite and most creative Jack O Lantern face on the belly of the pin.

Design a Bowling Pin Dracula

Got your bowling pin? Great! Let’s get started. Take the pin and paint the entire surface black. Next, take a skin colored paint of your choice and paint a circle on the face of the crown. This will be the face. Next, take a colored ribbon or cloth of your choice to tie around the neck of the pin as Dracula’s cloak. Once that is complete, draw Dracula a scary face!

BOO! Ghost Sign Project

To some ghosts are scary but this ghost is cute and friendly! Start with a set of 3 bowling pins and paint each with the base color of white. Next, take a smaller brush to paint out the word “B-O-O,” onto each pin. This should be done on the belly of the pin. After that step is complete, paint the face of the ghost on the crown of the pin. Finally, at the neck of the pin, design your unique ghost accessory. We recommend an orange scarf!

Other Halloween crafts may include a bowling pin witch with broom and hat or even a friendly scarecrow pin! Happy crafting and Happy Halloween! You can find these ideas and images at Please share your finished projects with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.