Resolutions and Reflections

It’s almost the New Year. With it comes resolutions and goals. Popular resolutions like self-care, giving more, and enjoying more can be accomplished at JB’s on 41! Do you want to improve the quality and time spent with family and friends? Maybe it’s to improve the quality of your social life. How about incorporating fun and exciting activities into your life? We got fun covered.

December is the perfect time to look back on what you’ve accomplished and what could use improvement. To make them count, consider writing your reflections and resolutions down. Make them specific, tell loved ones, and create incentives or consequences for successes and failures.

In order to make effective goals for the New Year, we recommend setting category-specific resolutions in order to balance your accomplishments and make the most out of 2018. Stick to and achieve your goals by setting time aside to work towards improvement. Create a timeline to hold yourself accountable. Let’s first take a look at some resolution tips to help kick off the New Year.

Set Your Goals

Don’t start the New Year stressed out. Start by picking one or two goals that you wish to accomplish in 2018. Common categories most goals fall into are self-care, giving more, accomplishing more, and enjoying more. New Year’s resolutions can be short-term or long-term. It’s a great idea to have a combination of both! Keep in mind your reflections on the past and what you’re looking forward to most in the future.

Make Resolutions that Matter

Why does self-care matter? Self-care based reflections and resolutions can be one of the most important goals you set for yourself. Taking care of your emotional and physical health first will help you to reach your other goals better. You won’t have the energy to fully commit to the exciting things in life if you aren’t healthy. Eat more veggies or schedule some alone time to enjoy a hobby of yours. Drinking enough water or getting more sleep are effective ways to easily boost and maintain your health! The more you give to yourself, the more satisfied and happy you will be when you give to others.

Why does giving more matter? Whether it’s giving more to your community, your workplace, or with family, giving will be one of the most rewarding goals you set. By giving more, you will in return feel a stronger sense of overall happiness. It will make you feel closer to those around you and help maintain positive relationships. Giving doesn’t always mean money or tangible items. Giving can include the time you spend with loved ones. Elevate your self-esteem and life with a resolution that gives back!

Why does accomplishing and enjoying more matter? Accomplishing tasks, both big and small, give us a major confidence boost! New Year’s resolutions that help you accomplish goals can be based off many categories. These objectives can be to either spend more time doing something or even less time. With these types of goals, it’s important to set a timeline to help you reach these very specific resolutions. When you accomplish more, you then can enjoy more of what you do. Having busy daily lives brings neglect to a fun personal life. Get things done and make more time for the hobbies that balance your life!

Stick to and Achieve Your Goals

Once your goals are set, then you can begin to plan how you want to achieve them. Share your goals and resolutions with friends and family to help keep you accountable for them. For more specific and detailed goals, create a timeline for mini accomplishments that ultimately help you reach your bigger goal. Whether you choose one, two, or all the categories is up to you! Don’t forget, health and self-care are important in order to achieve anything else.

Staying focused on your reflections and resolutions that need most improvement is the key to success in the next year! Set time aside each week to remember your goals, reflect on your progress, and continue striving towards those resolutions.

Resolutions and Reflections at JB’s on 41

JB’s on 41 is more than a bowling alley where you strike down pins with a heavy bowling ball. It’s a family fun center and an entertainment hotspot for you and your friends. It’s an environment where you can reflect on the past year and work towards your resolutions for the next.

We want to help you set and achieve your goals. Want to socialize more? Join or form a social league with us. Enjoy unlimited glow bowling! The lights go down and the music blasts as you enjoy a night out in a unique and exciting atmosphere.
Want to learn something new or add something to your schedule? Bowling lessons, custom leagues, and designed social leagues are popular activities at the center. Not a bowler? Stop into our Junction Bar and Grill to sit and relax while indulging in conversation with those around you. The Junction now features an all new menu with scratch made and chef-inspired foods!

Over to You

No matter your resolution and no matter your timeline, JB’s wants to help you achieve your goals! Call our center at (414) 281-2800 today to speak with a dedicated staff member for pricing, open bowling, and other fun offers. Have a safe and happy New Year! Good luck while you reflect on your past year and create strong resolutions for 2018!

What are your resolutions and goals for the New Year? If you want more family time, we got your New Year’s Eve resolutions covered. Book a New Year’s Eve party online! Share with us on Facebook or comment to let us know!