Short Season Winter Leagues

It’s no wonder that bears hibernate for the winter – there’s nothing to do, it’s so cold, and all you really feel like doing is sleeping!

That’s not quite true, though, is it?

Fast Company recently wrote an article titled, “The Norwegian secret to enjoying a long winter.” In the article, the author writes that changing your mindset is key to doing more than just distracting oneself from the cold, dreary weather and the ever-persistent darkness. She looked to the Norwegians as an example, specifically the town of Tromsø.  Tromsø is so far north that, from late November through late January, the sun never climbs past the horizon. And we think a 4 pm sunset is bad!

Though the people of Tromsø “suffer” from what we would call an unusually tough winter, residents don’t see it that way. When asked, “Why don’t you have seasonal depression?” they answered, “Why would we?”

According to the researcher, Kari Leibowitz, people in northern Norway, “…view winter as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured.”

How can you start viewing winter as something to be enjoyed, rather than endured? For starters, celebrate the activities that you can only do in the winter. Think about it; there’s a medley of winter activities available…it’s just that sometimes, we don’t want to brave the cold and head outside. The Norwegians have a saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

So make like the Norwegians and enjoy winter, inside or outside! Go sledding or build a snowman! Or enjoy the inside while spending time with your loved ones over cocoa. And don’t talk negatively about the weather. Instead, promote positivity. You’ll start enjoying the lesser-known charms of the winter months, even without thinking about it.

Start spreading your new-found appreciation for January and February by making social plans. Build a community with friends and family! One way to do that is JB’s on 41’s special winter-only short season leagues. These winter leagues are designed to get you out of the house and onto the lanes for 6-8 weeks. Short season leagues are the perfect winter activity!

We have four different winter leagues: The Adult/Youth league, the Youth league, the Women Bowling with Wine league, and the 27th Street league. If you want to brush up on your bowling skills, we also have free lessons called Bowling 2.0! Read all about them below; then, pick your favorite and sign up!

Adult/Youth League

Looking to spend time bowling with your kids?

Join our Adult/Youth Minion League! Each team is 1 adult and 1 youth.

The fun begins Sunday, January 17 at 10:30 am.

Everyone gets a Minion ball at the end of season (you can choose from other licensed products, too).

Only $22 per team/week.


Youth League

Now's the time to learn to bowl! We've got Youth Leagues for kids of all ages:

Pee-Wees: Ages 5-8

Juniors: Ages 9-14

Majors: Ages 15+

This bowling league begins Saturday, January 9 at 12 pm.

Only $11 per bowler/week. 4 people per team. Teams are for kids only!


Women Bowling with Wine League

Each session is 6 weeks and includes wine for each team!

All registrations are online.

Sign up as an individual or with a friend. Each team is 4 people.

Our first session begins Thursday, January 14 at 7 pm.


27th Street League

Battle it out with other 27th Street Businesses!

8 weeks of fun competition begin Thursday, February 4 at 7 pm.

Each team is 3 co-workers from businesses across 27th Street, so you never know who you're up against!

Top team wins bragging rights and a huge trophy.


Bowling 2.0

Want to learn to bowl?

Now's your opportunity! FOR FREE!

4 weeks of free bowling lessons start Tuesday, February 2 at 6:30 pm.

Watch videos and practice on the lanes with a coach. Fun for all ages!

Click here to learn more about our short season leagues. Call (414) 281-8200 to sign up!

Happy winter, bowlers! Stay warm!

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