How to Host a Social Outing

Spring is here, which also means that summer is around the corner. So how will you celebrate your upcoming special spring and summer events? Well look no further, because JB’s provides several options for you to enjoy Wisconsin’s warm months! Check out our upcoming leagues, from bowling to bags to volleyball. Plus our new party packages make it easy to celebrate any special occasion. Hosting a social outing has never been easier: simply go online to order our NEW Platinum Social Bowling Packs. JB’s on 41 is the place to go when it comes to joining leagues and having celebrations! We can help you plan for your upcoming spring or summer social… it all starts with this helpful planning guide.

Plan an Unforgettable Spring/Summer Social Outing

If you are searching for new ways on how to plan an upcoming spring/summer outing, you have come to the right place! By following these simple steps, you can have the confidence to plan, host, and celebrate an unforgettable social during the spring and summer months.

Step 1. Choose Your Space! Make JB’s Your Place

Interested in a space created for groups to socialize and create lasting memories? Searching for a place with multiple activities to do? Do you or members in your group like to go bowling? Then come to JB’s on 41! We are a family fun center. Upscale bowling, large arcade, and volleyball are all activities that provide a fun venue for guests of all ages. And for eats and drinks, we have several made-from-scratch food and drink selections available in our Junction Bar and Grill.

We consider JB’s the premier place for family parties in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We created an atmosphere of fun for all our guests to enjoy. Our focus on hospitality inspires everything we do. We’re friendly, fun, and local, and we love Milwaukee’s values and traditions. Bowling is a huge part of Milwaukee’s history, so parties at JB’s on 41 mean bowling time! JB’s on 41 is happy to be the place for your upcoming celebration to help you and your guests make fun memories!

Step 2. Plan Themed Activities

After choosing a spot, it is then time to think of a theme and then arrange all the party activities around that. Having a specific theme will make the party more fun to plan out the party’s activity schedule. Additionally, it makes your social outing creative so that those who are celebrating will enjoy their time. The theme can be based off of anything, like the guest of honor’s interests. Or consider the party spot’s atmosphere.

At JB’s on 41, our NEW Platinum Social Bowling Packs let you celebrate any special occasion with us. Within the pack, choose your party space: luxury Suite 41 lounge or our traditional, social lanes. Both places provide a unique environment for good times filled with energy. For activities, each party pack fits up to 6 people and includes two hours of bowling on one lane with shoe rentals and a $10 arcade card to use in our Speed Zone Arcade. With two hours right on the lanes, the party fun never stops! All of these features let you celebrate your spring or summer social outing by doing a variety of fun activities.

Step 3. Do a Guest Count so No One Is Left Out

Some event venues have a limit to the number of guests they will allow for a party. If there is a maximum capacity for your spot, it is important to know how many guests will be able to attend your spring/summer social. At JB’s on 41, each NEW Platinum Social Bowling Pack is for 6 people each. Purchasing up to 5 packs is a great way to celebrate your special event for a guest count of 25-30 people. If you have more people, or want something not included in the package, our sales manager will help you customize your party. Click here to discover our customized event options. Whatever the event, we want to make you happy and will work with you to coordinate the perfect party!

Step 4. Choose Food for your Social Outing

What is a special occasion without having any food? Most special occasions are celebrated while having special foods and drinks. At JB’s on 41, we have you and your guest’s taste buds covered while you are celebrating your event. A fresh baked pizza and one pitcher of soda or beer is included in each Platinum Social Bowling Pack. Plus there are several awesome made-from-scratch food and drink options available to be ordered day of from the Junction Bar and Grill.

Step 5. Don’t Forget the Sweets… Treat Yourself

Having desserts at your spring/summer social outing is a must if you want to make your celebration sweet! Here at JB’s on 41, there are several dessert options available to choose from on our Junction Bar and Grill menu! When booking a package online, exclusive options include ice cream and Cheesecake Factory cupcakes! Plus anyone who books a package with us can bring in a cake or cupcakes from a licensed store or bakery.

Step 6. Honor your Special Guest

As for any event, it is important to make your guest of honor feel appreciated. Therefore, we have guest of honor gifts. At JB’s on 41, as thanks for booking a Platinum Social Bowling Pack, the guest of honor gets a 32oz bowling pin shaped water bottle and a gold crown. Additionally, if there are multiple Guests of Honor, we can accommodate the request. Just let our event coordinator know when booking your party.

At JB’s, Celebrate Your Way & Book Here Today

We at JB’s on 41 are here to help you celebrate your spring or summer social outing. Whether it’s a birthday, office event, anniversary, grad party, church gettogether, sports night, or simply the weekend… we’re here to celebrate! Let us help you have the ultimate celebration this spring or summer so you can join in on the fun. So, just fill out this form, and we’ll help you find the right party fit for you and your guests! Parties are what we do best. After all, fun is our business.