Spring is Here!


You made it! It’s Spring 2015! More specifically, March 20th is the vernal equinox. What’s that mean? It means that, no matter where you are in the world, the season changes to spring (or, in the Southern Hemisphere’s case, changes to fall) at 5:45 pm CST.

“Equinox” comes from the Latin words meaning “equal night.” Earth’s day and night on March 20 are approximately equal, and the sun rises exactly in the East and sets exactly in the West. From here on out, the nights will get longer and the weather will get warmer. We’re all ready for that, aren’t we?

There’s many things to celebrate about the arrival of spring, like the return of the songbirds, the budding of crocuses, stepping outside without a jacket, and the start of Brewers Spring Training. If you’re looking for another reason to celebrate the return of warmer weather, look no further than JB’s on 41.

Starting on the first Thursday of Spring (that’s March 26th) is our Family Brewers Bowling League! We’ll have weekly Brewers trivia and games, an end-of-league pizza party, and more family fun prizes, like movie theatre tickets, gift cards, game cards, and more. And best yet, every person in the league will receive a ticket to a Brewers baseball game! If there’s one thing to remind us that Spring is Sprung, it’s definitely baseball! Join the Family Brewers Bowling League for $10 person. Games start at 7 pm on Thursday nights. Remember, this league kicks off on the very first Thursday of Spring 2015 – next Thursday. What a way to celebrate!

Interested in signing up the whole family? We have limited spots, so call soon to reserve your spot. Call us at JB’s on 41 at 414-281-8200.

Learn more information at www.jbson41.com