Summer Birthday Ideas

When you’re a summer birthday baby, you never get the special experience of bringing treats to the classroom, listening to all your classmates singing “Happy Birthday” to you, or the special school-day attention that comes with having your birthday on a school day. Instead, it’s up to parents to make the day extra fun for you.

Parents, if your kid(s) is celebrating a summer birthday, it’s a great opportunity to get creative. This day is all about your child! Make it a fantastic one for them, one they’ll always remember, with these 12 ideas for a stupendous summer birthday.

Top Summer Birthday Party Ideas

The day begins with an exciting wake-up and breakfast…

1. Wake up with a balloon surprise. Fill your child’s room with balloons the night before his or her big day. Or cluster the balloons right outside the door so that he or she is surprised upon opening the bedroom door in the morning.
2. Make a special summer birthday breakfast! Try adding sprinkles to the morning’s pancakes for a splash of birthday color. Or take requests the night before for a made-to-order birthday breakfast.
3. Decorate the birthday boy/girl’s chair at the breakfast table.

Moving on to lunch, the activities continue with…

4. Take the birthday kid out to lunch, just you and him or her. Let the birthday kid choose the location.
5. Or, go on a picnic and wrap each individual item in wrapping paper so that your child can “unwrap the presents” at lunch time.
6. Create a birthday crown for your child to wear for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, it’s birthday party time!

Head to JB’s on 41 for the ultimate summer birthday party experience. Bowling centers are the #1 party place for kids’ birthdays ages 12 and under. Over 10 million parties are held in bowling centers annually! With the JB’s on 41 Bowlopolis-themed parties, kids can participate in Lane and Reset’s adventures in defeating the evil King Pin. (You can visit the interactive Bowlopolis website for more fun off the lanes here).

7. Customize the summer birthday party at JB’s on 41 by inventing a special birthday drink or slushy, named after the birthday kid.
8. Have a photoshoot of your child on the bowling lanes. Put together a birthday photo album or scrapbook to remember the special day.
9. Use special birthday tableware, like a fun tablecloth and colorful napkins, plates, cups and silverware.
10. Eat your child’s favorite food at JB’s on 41. Let your birthday boy or girl pick out the entire menu for the party.
11. Open presents (of course!)
12. Write a special letter to your child a special birthday letter. Hand it to him or her at the end of night, just as you’re leaving JB’s on 41.

Birthday parties at JB’s on 41 are all-inclusive, making your child’s summer birthday easy and stress-free for parents and super fun for kids. Plus, you get to go home to clean house AND a happy child! Want to learn more about parties at JB’s? Click here for more information and to book online.