Summer Sun, League Fun!

We are upset that Wisconsin doesn't get to advance on to the final round, but we are still proud of their success!  What a run we had this year for March Madness.  UW-Milwaukee made it in for the first time in 8 years, and our very own Badgers made it to the final four, and missing the Championship by one point.

Since the end of March Madness is just around the corner, I am sure you’ll be ready for summer to get here. Consider this your teaser—we’re already getting our Summer Bowling Leagues ready. We’re offering a “Men’s Scratch,” a “Casino,” an Adult/Youth League, and a “Pro Ball” league. The best part of these leagues? On top of bowling the night of your league, you get to bowl free ALL summer! Most of these start up in mid-May, so check in to see all the fun perks that we have for each league.

I know you are probably tired from all of our regular seasons, but with our Wisconsin weather I can't guarantee that you will have the best weather for summer, but I can guarantee that we will have fun right inside of our doors everyday!