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Back to School Tips

It’s time to go back to school already. Can you believe it? With a new school year comes new teachers and friends to meet, busier schedules to maintain, and homework struggles to overcome. But this switch from a stress-free summer to a demanding school schedule doesn’t always happen easily… for you or your kids! So […]

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Mother’s Day Fun

Another Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Last year, we talked all about how Mother’s Day came to be. As it turns out, we owe our thanks to a West Virginian woman named Anna Jarvis for the creation of Mother’s Day. Though, surprisingly, Anna Jarvis wasn’t pleased with the way the holiday ended up, […]

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Go Tech Free for 1 Day

1986. What was the world like thirty years ago? Well, let’s take a look: A gallon of gas cost $0.89. Average price of a new car was only $9,255. Fox Broadcasting Company launched. Ronald Reagan was President. The Chicago Bears won Super Bowl XX over the New England Patriots. Top Gun was the number one […]

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