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A Short History of Women in Bowling

March is Women’s History Month. All month, we get the chance to look back at all the amazing things women have brought to all aspects of society. From science, to politics, to every field in between, women have made an outstanding difference. We want to take a look back at the history of women in […]

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That’s a 7-10 Split, Mr. President

On Monday, February 15th, we celebrate the 43 leaders who have sat in the oval office (44 elected presidents, but Grover Cleveland is counted only once). The prestige of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (AKA The White House) is as extensive and intriguing as the people who have claimed the address for a period of time. From […]

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Top Ten Bowling Facts

We talk a lot about bowling on this blog. Obviously. You’ve learned much about bowling from the many blog posts we’ve written. There’s still more to be learned, however. And that’s why, this week, we’re filling your brain with the top ten bowling facts you didn’t know. We can just about guarantee that you’ve never […]

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