The Pack Is Back!

Did you watch the game last night? In case you missed it, the Packers beat the Patriots, 22-11. This means football is officially BACK. Well, kind of. The Packers are playing preseason games, and then the NFL’s regular season is less than a month away.

If that wasn’t enough to look forward to, the 2015 season begins with a bang on September 13th. Week 1, Game 1: Packers play against the Chicago Bears. It's an age-old rivalry and a great way to start the season!

Then, the season home opener begins with a match-up against the Seattle Seahawks for the Sunday night game. Are you headed to Lambeau Field to watch? If you can’t make it to the GB vs. SEA game, you have three other chances to attend a home game before the bye in Week 7 – four of the first six games are played at home this year.

After the bye, the Packers play the Denver Broncos. This game is the first time Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning have played on the same field since 2008, back when Manning still played for the Colts. You won’t want to miss this game…or any of them, really, since the Pack is going for their 5th straight division championship this year, and every game counts.

There’s no other stretch of games that will matter so much as the games between November 15th and December 3rd. What’s the significance? It’s four straight weeks of division match-ups.

This year, the Packers play four 2014 Division Champions and six teams that were in the playoffs last January/February. This line-up gives the Packers the 14th toughest schedule in the NFL, based on the 2014 records of the NFC and AFC teams they’ll play.

What we’re trying to say here is…It’s going to be a great season! Go Pack Go!

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