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Volleyball leagues

Our 15-week season of summer volleyball started May 8 & 9! With B & C levels, players chose their style and are bumping, setting, and striking their way to victory.

Current Volleyball Teams: If we need to cancel due to the weather, we'll contact captains

Don't forget your prizes, like a new referral bonus, daily pitcher races, and 3-0 sweep pizzas, plus end-of-season gift cards for 1st & 2nd place!

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Click here for Wednesday's schedule
Click here for Thursday's schedule

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Bags/CORN-HOLE leagues

Set apart time for fun in the sun with JB's social bags leagues. Our 15-week season began May 8 at our private pavilion.

Current Bags Teams: If we need to cancel due to the weather, we'll contact captains. Don't forget, we'll award JB's gift cards to the top 2 teams

Click here to see bags/corn-hole standings & schedule. Click here to see pitcher races for bags

rent the volleyball pavilion

Whether you're hosting a large event like a reunion or graduation, or just want something different for your next birthday or field trip, JB's volleyball pavilion is the perfect fit for your next outing.

Located directly behind our center, the huge private fenced area includes 4 sand volleyball courts & 4 bags/cornhole stations, picnic tables with umbrellas, portable restroom, and a kids sandbox.

Complement your event with selections from our catering menu. Reservation includes a personal bartender for the full-service outdoor bar!
Seasonally available, we provide a rain-out guarantee. If it rains, we'll easily move your party to the lanes, arcade, or event space. We recommend this space for larger groups of up to 100 people.

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