Weekend Entertainment Covered at JB’s

With March coming up, southeastern Wisconsin is closer to feeling like springtime. With the changes of the seasons, comes more days with warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight. There is even an old weather folklore describing the weather for the month of March. This phrase says, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.”

According to The Paris Review, an early use of the phrase comes from a 1732 book of Proverbs. The book is titled, Gnomologia: Adagies and Proverbs; Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British. The exact wording of the phrase in this book is, “Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb”. It is very similar to the phrasing used by many people today. So if the weather pattern for March follows that phrase, then the weather may be unpredictable.

No matter how unpredictable the outside weather is, JB’s on 41 has you, your family, and your friends’ weekend entertainment needs covered. Plus you don’t have to worry about creating any alternative weekend entertainment plans when you come to have some fun here with us. This is because our bowling alley and family fun center is open seven days a week during weather that’s rain or shine and even when it snows!

DJ Jason Rocks – Fridays

Do you enjoy listening to music to begin your weekend entertainment fun? How about singing to some karaoke songs? If you nodded your head yes to either of these then DJ Jason Rocks at JB’s on 41 has you covered! In our Junction Bar & Grill, Friday nights are filled with those who enjoy dancing to DJ music as well as singing to karaoke songs. So on Friday nights from 9:30pm to 12am, you can order your favorite food and drinks from our new made-from-scratch menu. Plus you can listen to or participate in the musical weekend entertainment activities that JB’s on 41 has to offer!

Glow Bowling – Fridays and Saturdays

Need a fun event to do on a Friday or Saturday night with a group that has people of multiple ages? At JB’s on 41, we have you and your group covered. On Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to close our 25 traditional lanes transform into glow bowling lanes! These glow-in-the-dark lanes include black lights, a laser light show, and disco balls. Plus glow bowling features upbeat musical hits to create a lively and modern bowling experience.

But if you really want to #showyourglow with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then make sure to dress up in lighter colors such as white t-shirts and also consider getting some glow in the dark bowling accessories. You can do this by talking with our counter staff who have glow bracelets, wands, necklaces, and group party packs available for purchase.

JB’s on 41 has provided galactic bowling for years as it is always available inside of our Suite 41 luxury lounge. But now you do not even need to wait for the weekend to come. You can now celebrate with your group like it’s the weekend on Monday to Thursday nights. Because weekday nights from 10pm to close we started offering glow bowling and late night Happy Hour drink specials.

Arcade Packs – Sundays

Want to have a Sunday Funday before the work and the school week starts back up again? If so, at JB’s on 41, we got you covered. The Speed Zone Game Room has something here for everyone when it comes to our Sunday Funday special!

We have a wide selection of games for kids and adults alike such as Pac-Man, The Walking Dead, and Deal or No Deal. Additionally, there is no more worrying about heavy tokens to play your favorite games. With a Sunday Funday special, you can buy a JB’s on 41 game card and load it up with whatever amount of cash you wish. Then simply swipe your card to enjoy the games. The more you load on your card, the bigger the bonus credits! Plus the Sunday Funday special includes two bowling games, shoe rental and a $10 arcade card all for the price of $22.

The best part is you can always keep track of your points right on your card letting you come back into The Speed Zone Game Room again to load your card up with even more money and points for a chance to win the monster prizes!


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We are a family fun center so when you’re looking for some family fun in Milwaukee, stop in to JB’s on 41! Plus no matter how unpredictable the outside weather this March, at JB’s on 41 we have you, your family, and your friend’s weekend entertainment needs covered!

Please take some time to join our free JB’s Rewards membership program for perks that include an instant $5 Sign Up Bonus, $10 on your Birthday and $10 on your Anniversary.

Just click on the link above or text “JBS41” to 55678 to join in on the various fun weekend entertainment opportunities! So as the old weather folklore phrase for the month of March says, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.” At JB’s on 41, you will never have to worry about the unpredictable state of the weather or the quality of your weekend entertainment fun.