Wisconsin Love for March Madness

The Wisconsin Badgers will be squaring off against Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish in the Sweet 16 NCAA Basketball tournament tonight! Are you ready? Have you ever filled in a March Madness tournament bracket? Ever wonder how that trend started? Read on to find out!

The hype for the NCAA basketball tournaments skyrockets every March. More than likely, after the first weekend of games, your bracket is completely busted. What did you expect? According to Smithsonian Magazine, the odds of picking a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. In fact, you have a better chance to be attacked by a vending machine than you do to pick 100% correctly.

So, why do so many people put time and money into their bracket picks? Last year, 60 million Americans filled out brackets, with more than $1 billion spent in off-book gambling. The fascination with beating the odds and winning your small group tournaments (bragging rights for the year are sometimes more important than money) is the NCAA’s most valuable selling point.

Even if you don’t fill out March Madness brackets (choosing to not have your hopes and dreams broken every year) and simply cheer on the Wisconsin Badgers on their tournament runs – you probably still love March Madness (we love it, too)!

The Wisconsin Badgers Mens’ Team has made March a great time to be a Badger fan as they have reached the Final Four the last 2 years and are again back in the sweet 16 this year (in underdog fashion even).

It’s not just of late, either. Flashback to 1941 – the Badgers first NCAA Tournament experience – as they defeated Washington State 39-34 to win the National Championship (check out Wisconsin’s stats here).

If you are looking for a place to watch the Badgers take on Notre Dame in the Sweet 16 game tonight (and hopefully in more March Madness games), or are just excited to track your bracket through to the National Championship, JB’s on 41 is the spot for you.

Our Suite 41 has all the big screen TV’s you need to take in the basketball action. Even if your family is not all about the basketball, they can play a different ball game on one of our pristine cherry-wood bowling lanes in Suite 41 (check ’em out with a virtual tour, here).

The first NCAA bracket pool is believed to have started with 88 people building brackets in 1977 in a Staten Island bar, but oh, how it’s grown (don’t believe us? Check it out here)! Join in the fun this year at JB’s on 41 and become part of the phenomenon that is March Madness.