Youth leagues at JB's on 41

bowling is america's #1 participation activity!

Over 68 million Americans bowl each year. Bowling is a favorite activity for kids 5-18. 40% of kids bowl in a group at least once per year (and yes, we do youth outings and field trips too!) 

At JB's on 41, youth leagues are coached by professionals. With our unique program, your child will learn the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides 6 million every year in scholarships! These scholarships are mostly based on participation, academics, and leadership, not solely on talent. No one rides the bench in bowling.

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Summer family bowling league

Bowl In Our 9 Session Fun Rollin’ Family Bowling Adult / Child League!

Starts Thursday, May 12 @6:30pm  |  1 Adult + 1 Child = Team

You’ll bowl 2 games of 9 pin, no tap against other families just like yours for 9 sessions! Just $19.95 Per Session

Complimentary shoe rental each week! Huge Savings!

Kids: Lots of fun and laughs with Mom, Dad or your grandparents and a bunch of families. Plus you get a FUN Bowling T-Shirt, you’ll learn to bowl better and have a lot of FUN with your parent!

Parents: Spend more quality time with your child…the “Fun Rollin’ Family bowling League is just the ticket. Designed by parents… Lots of smiles and laughs while you make friends with other adults that you have a lot in common with.

Your $29.95 team registration fee includes:

  • First Session FREE! Try it for a session to make sure that you and your child LOVE it! ($19.95 Value)
  • A Youth sized Fun Rollin' Family Bowling Limited Edition Bowling T-Shirt! ($19.95 Value)
  • 10 FREE Games Of Practice! (Over $39.95 Value)