Youth leagues at JB's on 41

bowling is america's #1 participation activity!

Over 68 million Americans bowl each year. Bowling is a favorite activity for kids 5-18. 40% of kids bowl in a group at least once per year (and yes, we do youth outings and field trips too!) 

At JB's on 41, youth leagues are coached by professionals. With our unique program, your child will learn the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides 6 million every year in scholarships! These scholarships are mostly based on participation, academics, and leadership, not solely on talent. No one rides the bench in bowling.

Youth Bowling Leagues | JB's on 41 | Milwaukee WI

Don't miss the special KICK OFF EVENT on Saturday, Sept. 3 at 10am.

It's a chance for kids to socially bowl and meet other kids on the league! See you on the lanes!

fall youth league

Start something new in 2022! Sign up your kids for a gift they'll appreciate their entire life! Learning how to bowl. 

For bowlers ages 3-18, JB's junior program provides a fun space for your kids to make new friends with weekly bowling and use of our equipment, and special bonus fun days throughout the season.

Join us for the first official day of youth league starting Sept. 10 at 10am.

Individuals and teams of all abilities are welcome, even if they've never bowled before. Ask our league coordinator any questions here, or register for the league by hitting the button below.