Youth leagues at JB's on 41

bowling is america's #1 participation activity!

Over 68 million Americans bowl each year. Bowling is a favorite activity for kids 5-18. 40% of kids bowl in a group at least once per year. 

At JB's on 41, youth leagues are coached by professionals. With our unique program, your child will learn the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides 3 million every year in scholarships! These scholarships are mostly based on participation, not solely on talent. No one rides the bench in bowling.


Our Kids' Only league meets on Saturdays at 10am, fall through spring. Join now to bowl in segment 2, starting January 4. With bowlers ages 3 through teens, JB’s youth leagues provide skill building with age-appropriate coaching, bowling every week, use of our equipment, and a season-ending pizza party!

We also have Adult/Youth league options to bowl with your kids! Our latest is available on Mondays at 6pm, beginning January 13. Earn honor patches, get quality time, and have a season ending pizza party!

Kids Bowling Lessons | JB's on 41 | Milwaukee WI

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